Our Programs

Who We Serve

  • Students in higher education who are in or seeking recovery from substance use and other mental health issues
  • Minoritized groups
    • Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)
    • LGBTQIA+
    • Disabled
  •  Students who embrace an individualized recovery pathway that meets their own needs. We are not centered in abstinence, as many young people do not need or necessarily want abstinence.

How We Serve

  • Culturally Responsive mutual aid groups
  • Low barrier to access services
  • An anti-racist community of care
  • Trauma-informed mental health support
  • Student-directed peer-based programming
  • A scalable program to meet the growing demand for recovery-oriented systems of care

Why We Serve

  • Improved retention and graduation rates for all marginalized students
  • Reduces recurrence of symptoms
  • Reduced isolation and loneliness
  • Improved coping skills/decreased risks

 Want to learn more about our offerings?

Join our Student Recovery Community

Students Recover recognizes that higher education is often stressful and is a hostile place for those in or seeking recovery from substance use or other mental health issues. Our online community was developed to provide a community of care that supports you through your education. Whether you are in community college, trade school, university or graduate school, our community is for you! We provide support groups, opportunities to socialize, build relationships and cultivate the support network necessary to see you through graduation.

Our services are free to students. The only requirements to join are that you are over 18 and are a matriculated student.

Want to be part of the Recovery Revolution?

Benefits of starting a campus chapter

    • Network of training and support services
    • National network of students working to advocate for recovery support services
    • Mobilization of students with lived experience, family members, friends, community members and aspiring professionals across institutions
    • Standardized discourse on stigma and how to reduce it
    • Student led group that is recognized by the university (separate form the CRC)
    • Community care model

Students Recover Campus Chapters aim to bring together a national network of student activists that support reducing stigma related to seeking help for students with substance use and other mental health issues. Students Recover is developing a network of campus chapters committed to destigmatizing recovery from substance use and other mental health issues. Campus chapters mobile students to advocate and educate campus and local communities to cultivate recovery support services grounded in equity, justice and self-determination. Be a part of the recovery revolution!